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About the Event

The objective of the programme is to encourage and reward the highest levels of technological innovation and entrepreneurial success.

We believe in embracing advancement by supporting, recognizing and celebrating innovation. Be a part to foster culture of entrepreneurship and innovation empowerment.

Unveiling the inventor in you, Novel IP Insights presents this award to the most promising idea eligible for patent application.

It is my hope that this award program will acknowledge our best scholars and investigators and inspire continued high-quality research, innovation, and entrepreneurship throughout the state.

Innovative Challenge 2K18

Educational institutions are the Hubs of inventions, and most of these vibrant ideas are being killed at the stage of seeding. This Competition serves as a platform for the Professionals from these hubs aiming to create awareness and instill the required guidelines in securing their ideas with the suitable Intellectual Property right.

How to protect your Idea/ Application?

The candidates who are interested to participate in the competition (individual, as a team or on behalf of the college) are requested to send their details (Name, Father’s Name, Mobile No., Mail ID and Full Address) to our mail ID:ic2k18@novelipinsights.com.

As soon as the applications are sent with their details, they will be forwarded with a self-attested Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Form to their corresponding mail IDs.

Once the NDA form is received, the copy of the signed form may be sent to Novel Patent Services (ic2k18@novelipinsights.com).

 Once the copy of the signed form sent to Novel Patent Services, Applicants just click on “Register Here” button in Home page to Register. This will cover the protection of the applicants’ innovative ideas.

Who can Apply

Open to all Engineering Institutions across the State of Andhra Pradesh.

How to apply Online

  • Upload the document with full details of the innovative idea/ Application (.docx or .pdf format) on or before 31st Dec 18
  • The document must include:
  • Full details of applicant/ Team.
  • Objective/Aim.
  • Technical details – scope, design any other requirements.
  • Competitive Advantage & Market Potential.
  • Write a few words about your idea (Why your idea should be selected as the best one – Justify).


  • Get global visibility.
  • Win existing rewards, prizes and certificates.
  • Get motivated with your new creations.
  • Transform Best concepts and application in to successful businesseses.
  • Get Incubation support for your vibrant ideas.
  • Get Facilitated Patent Filing for your innovative ideas.

Rules & Regulations


  • Applicants can apply individually or as a team (with a maximum of 5 members each).
  • Addition of members past registration is not allowed.
  • For any additional information, you will be contacted via email/mobile.
  • All correspondence shall be through email or SMS on mobile number provided by you at the time of registration.
  • Organizers are not liable in case of SMS/ email delivery failures.